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BeONE is launched to cater to the communication needs of Small and Medium size businesses, and provides Unified Communications solutions that connect co-workers and clients more efficiently. The core of BeONE is Yeastar, a global provider of PBX system. Traditionally PBX is seen as expensive, but with BeONE, it is lower in cost yet efficient, reliable. resilient and scalable. BeONE empowers your business to run at the pace of today’s demand.

It is time to switch to Hosted VoIP

Hosted PBX is affordable as it involves low or even none physical equipment and hardware investment. It also grows at your pace, you can scale it bigger or smaller as you wanted. And at this unpredictable pandemic crisis, BeONE is the perfect solution to keep your business and workforce running, as it is completely mobile, you can take it with you everywhere. Traditionally, there are limits to what a business phone system can do, but with features rich hosted PBX, you can do so much more at a small cost.

Powered by Hitch On

Hitch On Sdn Bhd founded in the year 2012 is a Technology Information consultant company providing telecommunications solutions. For the past 12 years, the team has been providing valuable insights and PBX solutions to companies of various sizes, we even grow together with some of them. You can put your trust in us. 

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