Frequently asked questions

Does BeONE require internet connection to operate?

Yes you need. The standard bandwidth required for VoIP is 100Kbps per device.

What if internet is not available?

BeONE runs on mobile data too!

Can I use BeONE outside of the office?

Yes, BeONE is portable, you can carry it anywhere. Which is why it is very suitable for people who are always on-the-go, and work from home.

When people ring my office, can the phones ring simultaneously?

Ring groups allow incoming calls to ring on multiple devices. When someone calls a number that is linked to a ring group, all the devices included in the group will ring in a specific number. This will ensure that calls made to your office is being picked up soonest possible, and not missing a call.

Can I have "digital receptionist"?

Yes, absolutely. It can be done easily at Admin Dashboard --> Settings --> Voice Prompt.

Does BeONE come with call recording?

Yes. It comes with complimentary 500 minutes recording, first-in-first-out basis.

How long does it take to set up BeONE?

It will be ready within an hour after phone number selection and complete documents submission.

Can I use BeONE oversea?

Yes, as long as there is internet connection and subjected to country restriction.

Can I use BeONE on my mobile phone or desktop PC?

Yes, you can. You may register up to 4 devices i.e. mobile phone, desktop PC, smart tablet and physical desk IP phone.

Can I forward a call to my colleague?

Yes, you can.

Is instant message feature available?

Yes, it is available.

What is “concurrent call”?

Concurrent call is the number of calls that you can make simultaneously at once.

I am ready to switch. Can I retain my current office number?

Yes, you can.

Can I choose my preferred landline number?

Yes, you can. Once you have signed up, we will provide you a few phone numbers to choose, subjected to current market floating number and your registered office address.

Can I change my presence status when I am not in the office?

Yes, you can set it manually.

Can I have a trial account?

Yes, definitely. Please contact our sales team at 03-9078 2888 or to enquire.

Is BeONE compatible with other tools?

Yes, BeONE can be intergrated with Microsoft Teams and Zoho.

You stated that your call charges is RM0.12 per minute, 20 seconds charging block. What is charging block?

Some of our peers charge you a full minute cost regardless if your call only lasted a few seconds. With BeONE's call rate, you get to make more calls and save more.